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Let's Play! Program Objectives
ECEC is dedicated to the healthy development of children. All of our activities are fun and engaging as well as wonderful opportunities to teach life and academic skills.
Play, art, music, dance and organized non-competitive games and activities foster joy and imagination after a busy school day. Children expand their learning through supervised play in structured, but relaxed atmosphere.
The afterschool and summer program provides opportunities for each child to engage in play that is rewarding and promotes healthy self-esteem.
We are always looking for new and exciting ways to enhance learning through play.

Social Emotional Learning
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is a key component to our everyday activities. Nearly everything we do is geared towards teaching the skills that SEL promotes. It improves communication, reduces bullying, and builds stronger relationships. 
Snack time, group meeting, and all activities build on these skills. We want to encourage our group of students to use these times to cross over to the varying age groups, something that they would not usually have the opportunity to do, other than in the after-school program.
Building on these skills leads to activities that are geared to learning about our differences and what makes us unique. We focus on the idea that it is great to be “you” and that everyone dances to their own beat. 
Furthering this concept is our commitment to outreach. We teach children ways they can help others through community and global service and the value of becoming good citizens.
Science, technology, engineering, and math or STEM helps develop critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving. In our inclusive programming, even the youngest of our students can participate in these fun, engaging and inventive activities. Project ideas include:
Going Green-learning about the environment and nature, how we can help our planet, wind technology, and building natural habitats like birds’ nests.
LEGO Challenges-learning about engineering by building with LEGOS…mazes, 3D structures-starting off with a plan followed through to the building of the structures.
Mapping and Codding-Design: maps to go with treasure hunts. This is a fun activity that brings the entire group together for an adventure.
The learning is limitless but most importantly the fun is boundless! Children have the opportunity to invent and create in varying and unique ways all of which are developmentally appropriate from our youngest adventurers to our oldest inventors.
At ECEC, we love to read! Books are a window and gateway to other worlds. Adventure and excitement at the turn of every page. Reading together in groups or quietly on their own, each child spends time each day exploring the world through the written word. 
Reading can happen in many ways. From reading food labels to following written directions, building skills daily in literacy is a primary goal that is achieved by all.
We explore literacy through writing as well. From pen-pal letters to play writing and acting out our scripts. This is geared to include all age groups and developmental levels.
Along with independent reading and writing, we have homework time. Staff is always available to assist students and we encourage older students to lend their help with the younger ones, furthering skills in communication and peer teaching.

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